Youscript System

Maximize Prescribing Success with YouScript Precision Prescribing Software

“Using the P450 Interactions program, I was immediately able to resolve several complicated medication problems in three of my patients. The program is a perfect complement to the cytochrome P450 DNA testing I’ve been using for the last two years.” 
– Frank J. Genova, M.D.

YouScript Precision Prescribing software is the most advanced and innovative drug interaction software available.

YouScript integrates pharmacogenetic testing with comprehensive drug-gene and drug-drug interaction information to assess the cumulative impact of a patient’s genetics and drug regimen, and their risk for adverse drug events. Information, alerts, and recommended medication alternatives are presented in an easy-to-understand, clinically actionable format.

With YouScript, health care providers can reduce trial-and-error prescribing, reduce expenditures, and improve patient outcomes. The system’s key features include:

  • An evidence-based, patented algorithm that predicts probable drug-drug, drug-gene, and cumulative interactions
  • Detailed information on drugs’ pharmacodynamic and pharmacokinetic effects
  • A comprehensive database of drug interaction and metabolism literature and links, updated daily
  • Genotype-based drug and dosage recommendations
  • Analysis of more than 4000 medications  for adverse interactions with other drugs, over-the-counter remedies, recreational drugs, herbal supplements, and foods
  • An “Alternatives Selector” that provides a prioritized list of safer drugs based on individual genetic profiles and drug regimens
  • Patient, provider, and practice risk management and tracking services
  • Mobile device compatibility
  • Electronic medical record and electronic health record integration
  • Population Risk Analysis for clinicians and payers caring for large patient groups

YouScript identifies substantially more major issues than typical drug-drug interaction programs. Based on current clinical evidence, YouScript is the only software that provides a biologic basis to understand why interactions occur, and then offers safer, more effective alternatives.

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