YouScript Improves Patient Care

YouScript Improves Patient Care

YouScript introduces a huge database for patient care with pharmacogenetic testing to offer a clear understanding of an individual’s drug responses.

YouScript Improves Patient Care

With YouScript, doctors and physicians can prescribe the right medicines to patients, lowering the adverse health risks. The company synthesizes all drug responses to improve the point of care. Since doctors do not have enough time to understand patient’s personalized medicine responses, this database fulfils the gap and improves the practices of prescribing the medicines. Waleed Alabsi, the CEO of the Alabsi Group, is partnering with YouScript with an aim to improve the health care needs of people.

We are there to support the right decision that doctors make for the health of patients. What makes us unique is our continuous efforts to make the drug database effective for the users. We always update our work with new medicines and researches to include the best and most effective things that meet our goal. We also perform pharmacogenetic testing that helps us improve the personal care approach.

What is pharmacogenetic testing?

Pharmacogenetic testing checks the genetic variants, especially record their response to drugs. The variants in genes are also known for drug-metabolizing enzymes, drug targets, and more. This kind of testing checks whether the gene is heterozygous or homozygous. Based on these details, YouScript can predict individual drug responses very well.

When has the pharmacogenetic test been conducted?

Doctors can prescribe such tests at any point during the treatment. The gene variants in regards to drug responses reveal many details regarding individual health. It makes the treatment even more potent, helping patients get rid of complications easily.

The test also takes care of the other factors and combines data of a patient’s clinical information, age, weight, height, and other drug histories. Doctors, using the information from the test, can decide the dose of the medicines and other things. Along with this test, doctors also need therapeutic drug monitoring for their health.

Pharmacogenetic testing for a specific gene is done once since a person’s genetic structure does not change. For evaluating the drug response, a single gene or multi genes have been tested. Pharmacogenetic testing is conducted before starting drug therapy. YouScript concentrated on pharmacogenetic testing for health. We are clinically validated for reducing adverse drug events.

Our huge database contains details that help pharmacists and doctors enhance the treatment goals with the right medicines. When doctors have a clear understanding of an individual’s drug response, prescribing medicines can be easier for him/her.

It concentrates on a few essential factors, including:

  1. Drug-gene and drug-drug interaction
  2. Populations and patient’s view

Since every patient is unique in terms of drug responses, our database can introduce the best treatment approaches. YouScript is one of the partners of the Alabsi Group led by Waleed Alabsi, who helps businesses meet their goals, offering the best support. Please contact us for more details.

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