YouScript For Enhancing The Health Of People

YouScript For Enhancing The Health Of People

YouScript is a platform for prescribing precision medicines, defining all side effects related to drug responses and interactions on our health.

YouScript for Enhancing The Health of People

YouScript has undertaken a novel approach for the healthcare field to make prescribing medicines even more perfect and accurate for a treatment. We have concentrated on the evidence regarding drug response and utilizes pharmacogenetic testing to make the evidence-based decision for your health. Doctors and pharmacists can use our data to decide on the medicines for specific treatments. Mr.Waleed Alabsi promotes YouScript to enhance patient care as YouScript presents comprehensive detail regarding the drug response.

We aim to reduce healthcare costs by offering better medicines for your health. We are the trusted partners of healthcare organizations, providers, and payers.

We help everyone from the healthcare field:

We partner with health plans, health care organizations, healthcare providers, and pharmacists to offer better treatments. We address the problems related to personalized medication management, eliminating wrong drugs that may cause side effects on patients’ health.

Our evidence-based study includes everything, including

  1. The commonly prescribed drugs and their effects on our health
  2. The impacts of drugs on patients
  3. Drug interaction alert

We bring you the details about the drug metabolism so that everyone can understand the medicines and their requirement for health. Our wide database is created to minimize side effects, improve patient care, and save patients time and money. Our precision prescribing platform reduces a huge cost by reducing the adverse impacts of prescription drugs.

We concentrate on every barrier in prescribing medicines. By reducing adverse drug events, we are successful in reducing the costs and the number of hospitalization. To make our research even more strong, we also invest in pharmacogenetic testing to check different drug interactions. This process helps us find out the possible side effects to eliminate the problems. With us, doctors can confidently prescribe drugs that bring the best effects on patient’s care. Our platform helps doctors note different drug responses for your health. So, prescribing the wrong drugs will no longer happen.

Why are we for?

Every drug has a risk of side effects, and every patient will experience this problem. Since pharmacists are not aware of the origin of side effects, it may cause adverse drug events. We concentrate on drug interactions, including drug-drug, drug-gene, multi-drug-gene combinations, to reveal an in-depth knowledge about the side effects. Our platform provides clear data regarding different drugs.

If you want more details and want to use our system, you must visit YouScript. We will be happy to clear your all doubts. The Alabsi Group, led by Waleed Alabsi, promotes YouScript to the health care fields that help patients get the right medicines for their health issues.

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